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Cherry Log Log Home RestorationBear Creek Log Home Restoration specializes in repairing log homes and cabins throughout the Cherry Log area. We have extensive knowledge and experience in repairing hundreds of log homes, cabins and buildings. Logs needing replacement can be matched using the same method, building style, and precision as the original building!

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Our log home restoration company offers a full line of Gainesville log home services. We have a great group of friendly people that enjoy the hard work evolved in restoring Gainesville log homes to their original beauty. When it comes to our business, we offer our customers experience and a strong desire for your satisfaction and trust.

It may seem obvious, but staining is very different from painting. Sure we use many of the same tools, but so do framers and trim carpenters. The difference in procedure and quality is obvious. With Gainesville wood staining, every imperfection in the surface becomes magnified after stain is applied. We take a very careful look at each side before we begin staining to make sure we don't' stain over something that should be removed.


Gainesville Deck Staining

After we get the wood surface clean, dry, and smooth, we begin staining. We have a really good routine for staining that includes masking off with tape and plastic everything that we don't want stained. This key step is critical to getting the finished Gainesville look you can expect from Bear Creek Restoration.

Next, we spray on the finish with an airless sprayer, and then brush the stain in by hand. This greatly speeds up the process compared to applying only with a Gainesville brush, yet gives you a durable stain job by pushing the stain into the Gainesville wood fibers.

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