Things You Should Know About Carpenter Bee Treatment

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Being able to call your Ellijay place home is an honor. There is nothing quite like having a quality log home, especially one that will remain in your family for generations to come. Of course, that is only possible if you stay on top of the maintenance and service needs that help keep your house […]

All About Morganton House Painting: Tips and Facts

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The outside paint of a house can reflect the personality of the people living in it and nowadays, Morganton  house painting is one of the most affordable ways to improve the impression of one’s home. However, it takes a lot of effort to do this job. One needs to clean the surface first, determine the […]

Suches Log Home Pressure Washing

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Should You Use Engineered Wood to Remodel Your Ellijay Log Cabin?

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Using engineered lumber in a Ellijay log cabin renovation can be a very good idea. Engineered lumber is stronger and gives you more flexibility in placing studs and beams. Here’s why. Engineered lumber is made from recycled lumber. It uses all parts of the trees it is cut from. It is also usually made from […]

What is the best stain for my log home, Part 2

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In our last post, I discussed the main difference you should consider between the two major types of stains. No, its not the endless oil or water based debate! Its the film forming or penetrating debate! There’s really no debate, each can be good, depending on the circumstances. Film formers look really nice, are more […]

What is the best stain for my Log Home?

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This is one of the most common questions I get. After all, wouldn’t everyone like to have that magic answer so they wouldn’t have the hassle of maintenance, the frustration of failing stain, the anxiety of wondering if they made a good decision or not?   Unfortunately, you probably already know that there is not […]

Ellijay Log Home Restoration – Cob Blasting Vs Chemical Stripping – The Debate Goes On

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The debate among Ellijay log home restoration contractors rages on as to the proper way to remove old finishes from a log surface. Use a chemical and blast it off with water pressure, or use crushed corn cob and blast it off with compressed air. Those are the choices. The contractor that prefers Ellijay chemicals […]

Charity Golf Tournament

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Bear Creek Log Home Restoration is looking for 4 people who love to golf to take part in our two teams we are sponsoring for the 13th Annual Gilmer County Home Builders Association Charity Golf Tournament. We will be covering all your costs, including lunch and your B.O.C. (beverage of choice). This is a best […]

The Benefits Of Ellijay Deck Staining

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Having a deck or other patio addition as part of your home can really enhance the amount of enjoyment you get from your residence during the warmer months. However, you can’t simply attach a deck to your house during the balmy summer months, and remove it when the colder, wetter weather moves in. Staining Professional […]

How You Benefit From Ellijay Pressure Washing

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Many people, especially in a down economy, choose do it yourself projects around the house to save money. Often times, Ellijay pressure washing is one project that many people feel they can do without much help. However deck cleaning and staining is one project that may be better suited for a professional. Protect Your Deck A deck isn’t […]

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