Sansin Staining Products

Ellijay Log Home Restoration ContractorLog home exteriors, left unprotected, will break down with water and UV damage. As water gets into the log, bugs are soon to follow. Needless to say, keeping the exterior of your logs sealed will retard this breakdown.

At Bear Creek Log Home Restoration, we primarily use Readyseal and Weatherall products for keeping the exterior of your logs sealed. We have employees certified by Weatherall and Sikkens, leading manufacturers of external coating products, so you can rest assured that our log home restoration contractors are qualified when it comes to protecting your log home.

Sansin SDF Staining

Sansin SDF is an environmentally-friendly one-coat finish specially designed for siding, decks
and fences. It is UV resistant, water-repellent, low in VOC’s, and non-flammable with easy soap and water cleanup. With just one application, this unique formula provides a rich and attractive coating that offers lasting protection. Sansin SDF will not crack, peel or blister. Maintenance coats may be applied every two to three years on horizontal surfaces and two to four years on vertical surfaces.Click Here to Download PDF

Sansin ENS Staining

Sansin ENS is an environmentally-friendly highly durable two-coat finish designed for exterior vertical surfaces, furniture, windows and doors. It is exceptionally UV resistant, washable, low in VOC’s, and non-flammable with easy soap and water clean-up. Sansin ENS provides a rich and attractive coating with excellent weather protection and durability. Click Here to Download PDF

Sansin Classic

Ready Seal® is a combination of only the highest quality ingredients. All ingredients used in Ready Seal® work together to penetrate deeply into the wood’s surface and protect it against weathering. Ready Seal® unique formulation includes the following ingredients: Click Here to Download PDF

Sansin NanoTints

Your wood home deserves nothing less than the best. Sansin NanoTints offer the latest in advanced color technology for rich, deep color that enhances the natural beauty of your wood. Now available in our four most popular colors – selected from our range of Naturals – as well as our full palette of over 80 color choices, inspired by the everyday miracles of the natural world. Click Here to Download PDF


Choose a Stain Color

Click the image below to see our various stain colors we offer from Sansin.

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