Ellijay's Log Home Restoration

Let me assure you that we use the best equipment and products we can find to work on your North Georgia home. That alone sets us apart from many painters that profess to "specialize" in log homes.

Now, we're not here to toot our horn about how much we've spent on equipment, we know you really don't care unless it benefits you. For that reason, we'll tell you exactly why we have each piece of equipment, and how that really does make your job better.

The services we perform all require special equipment and procedures to work correctly. Bear Creek Log Home Restoration specializes in repairing log homes and cabins throughout the Gilmer County area. We have extensive knowledge and experience in repairing hundreds of log homes, cabins and buildings. Logs needing replacement can be matched using the same method, building style, and precision as the original building!

What To Expect From Our Restoration Process?

  • Specific Tailored Instructions for Each Restoration Project - Our log home restoration crews benefit from the knowledge we've acquired from restoring over one and one-half million feet of log home exteriors.
  • Restoration Project Start and Finish Dates
  • Price Guarantee
  • Sample Coatings Applied for Your Approval
  • Written Daily Exterior Cleanup Procedure
  • Return Phone Calls & Communication with Customers

Log Home Pressure Washing Services

Ellijay Pressure WashingPressure washing your log home involves using special chemicals designed specifically for wood care. These chemicals must be used in a system, and it takes practice to do it right.

At Bear Creek Log Home Restoration, our pressure washing crew is experienced in cleaning log homes and ensuring your home's wood is preserved properly.

Aside from leaving your log home's exterior clean, pressure washing also conditions the wood so that more stain will be accepted by opening up the wood pores. The more stain we can get into the wood, the longer it will last, stretching your dollar as far as possible. Contact us today for an estimate and to learn more about how our pressure washing services can improve the look of your Ellijay log home.

If you are looking for a log home restoration company in the Ellijay, GA area, please call us today at 706-698-BEAR or complete our online request form.

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