Fannin County Log Home Restoration

Fannin County Log Home Restoration Bear Creek Log Home Restoration is your choice for Fannin County log home services. Very simply, we preserve wood. The challenge is protecting it the right way while giving you the look you want.

Our log home restoration contractors have extensive experience providing services to log home owners in Northern Georgia. We have expert carpenters and pest control specialists on staff, and our crew is trained to provide you with the best in log home restoration services.  Whatever your log home needs - full log and partial log replacements, glass media blasting, window cleaning, repairing log railings, rotten railings, installing decorative cedar railings and posts, log home room additions and basement finishing, deck staining, caulking and chinking, window replacements, or door replacements - you can count on the qualified professionals at Bear Creek Restoration for top quality results. Contact us today to learn how we can extend the life of your log home and keep it looking in excellent condition with our log home restoration services.

Bear Creek Log Home Restoration - Fannin County Cabin Staining

At Bear Creek Restoration, we can stain the outside of your Fannin County log home as well as the interior! Our Fannin County log home restoration contractors can stain wood trim, Tongue and Groove paneling, and other wood objects. Whether you are a Fannin County homeowner or a builder, our water-based stains and sealers allow us to give you an even, finished appearance with a minimum of disruption in your schedule.

We take great care to protect everything that isn't supposed to get stained. This includes windows, doorknobs, thresholds, plants, rockwork, cars, and ornaments.

It may seem obvious, but Fannin County wood staining is very different from painting. Sure, we use many of the same tools, but so do framers and trim carpenters. The difference in procedure and quality is obvious. Don't rely on a painter to provide you with log cabin staining services - contact the experts who know and understand log homes: Bear Creek Log Home Restoration.

Fannin County Log Home Maintenance

Fannin County log and wood sided homes require regular maintenance to look their best and for the stain to perform like it's supposed to. In addition to cleaning the surface of your home, most Fannin County log homes also require several other annual maintenance items, such as cleaning the exterior windows and screens, cleaning out gutters, etc.

For years, our customers have been asking us to present to them a predictable form of maintenance for their log and wood sided homes. After some extensive testing with a few of our clients, we are happy to offer the Bear Creek Annual Maintenance Program. Please look over the specifications we offer and contact us as soon as possible to schedule your maintenance and get rid of your headaches!

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  • Fannin County Corn Cob Blasting

    Cob Blasting is a high-tech way to remove dirt, mildew and old finishes. The word "blasting" is a little scary when it's used in the same sentence as "your house". Not much, though, could be gentler on your Fannin County log home!

    At Bear Creek Restoration, our contractors use between 35-100 psi to cob blast, compared to 500-1500 psi for a proper pressure washing. Some painters use up to 3500 psi!

    Rather than use pressure to clean your house, cob blasting uses tiny little grains of ground up, dried corncobs. The great benefit of using corncob is that it's so light; it doesn't eat up the wood like sand blasting. It takes just a little bite with each grain, leaving a lightly textured surface, which we then buff even smoother.

    We can use the blaster inside log homes to clean up the wood from stacking. This is much nicer than pressure washing the inside, with the associated moisture problems of having all that water inside trying to evaporate.

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