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Suches Log Home RestorationBear Creek Log Home Restoration specializes in repairing log homes and cabins throughout the Suches area. We have extensive knowledge and experience in repairing hundreds of log homes, cabins and buildings. Logs needing replacement can be matched using the same method, building style, and precision as the original building!

Our Suches log home restoration contractors use the best equipment and products we can find to work on your North Georgia home. That alone sets us apart from many Suches painters that profess to "specialize" in log homes. The services we perform all require special equipment and procedures to work correctly. We invest in equipment and software every year to make sure we can serve our customers as good as possible. We'll tell you exactly why we have each piece of equipment, and how that really does make your log home restoration job better.

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Bear Creek Log Home Restoration - Suches Cabin Staining

Our log home restoration company offers a full line of Suches log home services. We have a great group of friendly people that enjoy the hard work evolved in restoring Suches log homes to their original beauty. When it comes to our business, we offer our customers experience and a strong desire for your satisfaction and trust.

It may seem obvious, but staining is very different from painting. Sure we use many of the same tools, but so do framers and trim carpenters. The difference in procedure and quality is obvious. With Suches wood staining, every imperfection in the surface becomes magnified after stain is applied. We take a very careful look at each side before we begin staining to make sure we don't' stain over something that should be removed.

At Bear Creek Log Home Restoration, we make sure to work with the run of the logs or siding to ensure we don't get lap marks. We also make sure to apply the proper number of coats, even when the surface looks great after only one coat. The purpose of multiple coats is to build protection up to a sustainable level, not just to look good for a year and then fail.

Suches Pressure Washing

Pressure washing your Suches log home involves using special chemicals designed specifically for wood care. These chemicals must be used in a system, and it takes practice to do it right. The first is stripper/emulsifier, designed to soften the stain, and break it down, just like soap dissolves grease. While it does this, it also raises the pH level of the wood, causing it to darken, sometimes dramatically.

This brings us to the second step, which is a wood conditioner/neutralizer. This brings the pH level back down to normal, which causes the wood to lighten dramatically. It also conditions the wood to accept more stain by opening the wood pores up about 20%.

The more stain our Suches log home restoration contractors can get into the wood, the longer it will last, stretching your dollar as far as possible. For great results when it comes to pressure washing your Suches log home, contact the experts at Bear Creek Restoration - we know how to take care of your log home.

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