Caulking & Weathersealing

Sometimes, if your North Georgia Caulking and Weather Sealing on your log home seems like it will have problems with water or cob intrusion, we'll install low expansion foam around windows and doors before cleaning to minimize that as much as possible.

With a different choice of caulk, our log home restoration contractors can do the caulking before or after the staining, depending on their homes needs.  Our contractors are flexible on our process, so we can better serve each homeowner.

The Caulking Process

Ellijay Log Home Caulking
Ellijay Log Home Caulking
Ellijay Log Home Caulking

It's important to "tool" the caulk because the resins that are used to bind the caulk to the wood are pressure sensitive. If they are not pressed onto the wood, they don't "activate" and grab hold of the wood. Later, with seasonal changes, they fail easily.

Our Ellijay Caulking Contractors Provide These Detailed Services

  • Log Home Caulking
  • Log Home Weathersealing
  • Log Home Chinking
  • Caulk for Wood
  • Outdoor Caulk
  • Log Chinking
  • Log Home Restoration
  • Exterior Caulk
  • Chinking
  • Weather Stripping
  • Weathersealing
  • Caulking

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