Things You Should Know About Carpenter Bee Treatment

Ellijay log home restorationBeing able to call your Ellijay place home is an honor. There is nothing quite like having a quality log home, especially one that will remain in your family for generations to come. Of course, that is only possible if you stay on top of the maintenance and service needs that help keep your house in tiptop shape.

One of the concerns you have to watch for is the carpenter bee. As important as bees are for the eco-system, this type of insect can wreak havoc on your home. Fail to catch them early enough and you could find yourself in need of extensive repairs.

In fact, neglect to take care of a problem like this in a timely fashion, and you could find yourself in need of replacement. Don’t let your home suffer irreparable damage just because you were not astute enough to address a problem in time.

Learning What You Need to Know

We have all seen carpenter bees, just may not have recognized them for what they are – wood-boring pests. In fact, if you have had a log home for any length of time, you may have dealt with them before. They are easy to identify because they are large, fuzzy bees and you can often times spot them beginning to bore.

They closely resemble their cousin the bumble bee, just not as large. The one distinguishing feature that makes it easy to tell them apart is that a carpenter bee lacks a fuzzy abdomen while the bumble bee is fuzzy all over.

The good news is that these bees are not generally aggressive, at least not towards humans. They can, however, be quite destructive. As the name would imply, these bees are known for their ability to bore through wood, like a carpenter. Not only do they create unsightly holes, they act in a manner similar to termites, compromising the structural integrity of your home.

Also like termites, these bees burrow into wood and then create a nest there. From there, they lay their eggs and future carpenter bees are created. They prefer soft woods – exactly the type of material that your home, deck, shed and other features are constructed from.

You can spot signs of damage, such as holes in the side of your home, decking etc. These holes are usually approximately a half an inch in diameter. Many people actually see wood shavings, like sawdust, on the ground, first. From there, it is easy to trace this mystery dust back to the burrowing holes where it originated from.

Sometimes, the initial sign is scratching sounds. First, you must determine the source, ruling out other types of rodents or pests. The sound is usually easy to hear coming from inside the walls. The problem is also that once these holes are present, other insects and rodents can use these to gain access to inside the holes and inside your home.

If you know or even suspect that you have carpenter bees, it is important that you have your place inspected. If you hear scratching sounds or see holes, this should be checked out anyway. Even if the problem is not carpenter bees, you need to get to the source.

Taking Precautionary Steps

Don’t take a chance letting carpenter bees pose a threat to your home’s structure, as well as diminish the property value of your home. For the best help around, the name to trust in is Bear Creek Log Home Restoration. We are in the business of preserving wood, including preventing or repairing damage caused by carpenter bees, and other varieties of pests.

Log homes are our specialty and we are honored to be a part of helping restore and maintain so many of them. With the right care and maintenance along the way, you should be able to keep yours in your family, for generations to come. Let us help you take the best care of your log home, providing you with important services, such as carpenter bee treatment.

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