Should You Use Engineered Wood to Remodel Your Ellijay Log Cabin?

Remodel Your Ellijay Log CabinUsing engineered lumber in a Ellijay log cabin renovation can be a very good idea. Engineered lumber is stronger and gives you more flexibility in placing studs and beams. Here’s why.

Engineered lumber is made from recycled lumber. It uses all parts of the trees it is cut from. It is also usually made from fast-growing trees like poplar, fir, aspen and pine. The pieces of recycled lumber are compressed and laminated or bound with other types of adhesives. This process of laminating or binding the fragments together actually makes it stronger than ordinary sawn lumber. Even if it uses a “softer” wood, like poplar, the laminating process makes it even stronger. It is also more durable and less likely to warp from moisture.

Using engineered lumber is very friendly to the environment because the process uses recycled and fast-growing (fast-replenishing) wood. You will find that engineered lumber is actually preferred by some Ellijay builders because of its added strength. It is used for roof beams, floor joists, trusses, sub-flooring and even for framing walls. You can substitute it for traditional 2×4 and 2×6 boards for framing walls.

Because engineered lumber is so much stronger, it allows you to span greater distances and place wall studs farther apart. This means you use less lumber. This does not mean, though, that it will cost less. Board-for-board engineered lumber costs more than standard lumber. But because of its extra strength, you use less of it and end up paying about the same amount for a whole project.

A perfect example of a use for engineered lumber is when you remove a load-bearing wall and need to span a greater distance. Combining engineered lumber beams and studs might allow you to span the entire area you want to open up without a need for a post in the middle to support the structure. This can be very helpful to homeowners who are trying to remodel older homes into the open spaces created in new construction. Placing studs farther apart also makes it easier to frame walls with windows and doors where you want them.

The fact that engineered lumber is stronger and less likely to warp and sag makes it the perfect choice in areas subject to strong winds, or high moisture and humidity. In fact, the laminating process also makes engineered lumber less likely to mold or mildew. Finally, engineered lumber, with its added strength, is also ideal in earthquake-prone areas.

Whether you are doing your own construction or working with a Ellijay contractor, you might find that engineered lumber is also a good idea because you can drill holes in it for pipes and wires without weakening or splitting the boards. This can be a definite advantage over standard sawn lumber.

When you are ready to choose materials for your remodel or log home renovation, it will probably be well worth your time to consider the advantages of engineered lumber.

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