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Cob Blasting Services

Cob Blasting

East Ellijay Cob Blasting is a high-tech way to remove dirt, mildew and old finishes. First, let me put your fears to rest.

The word "blasting" is a little scary when it's used in the same sentence as "your house". Not much, though, could be gentler on your house! Bear Creek Log Home Restoration uses between 35-100 psi to cob blast, compared to 500-1500 psi for a proper pressure washing. Some painters use up to 3500 psi!

Rather than use pressure to clean your house, cob blasting uses tiny little grains of ground up, dried corncobs. The great benefit of using corncob is that it's so light; it doesn't eat up the wood like sand blasting. It takes just a little bite with each grain, leaving a lightly textured surface, which we then buff even smoother.

Our log home restoration contractors can use the blaster inside log homes to clean up the wood from stacking. This is much nicer than pressure washing the inside, with the associated moisture problems of having all that water inside trying to evaporate.

The Cob Blaster

In the world of cob blasters, we have a REALLY nice one. It lets log home restoration contractors use less pressure than most other cob blasters, and also lets us use less corncob media (grit).

That means our finish is smoother than others, and also the grounds stay cleaner, because there is less media to dispose of.

It's smaller and lighter than many others, which makes it easier for us to move it around the house if necessary. This makes sure we can get to each part of your house, without skipping anything.

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Our Ellijay Cob Blasting Contractors Provide These Detailed Services

  • Log Home Cob Blasting
  • Corn Cob Blasting
  • Log Home Restoration
  • Blasting Material
  • Blasting Service
  • Surface Blasting
  • Abrasive Blasting Media
  • Blasting Systems
  • Corn Blasting
  • Cob Blasting Equipment
  • Corn Cob Blasting Media
  • Corn Blasting Log Homes

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