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Log Home Annual Maintenance Program

Log Home Maintenance

As you know, log and wood sided homes require regular maintenance to look their best and for the stain to perform like it’s supposed to. In addition to cleaning the surface of your home, most log homes also require several other annual maintenance items, cleaning the exterior windows and screens, cleaning out gutters, etc.

For years, our customers have been asking us to present to them a predictable form of maintenance for their log and wood sided homes. After some extensive testing with a few of our clients, we are happy to offer the Bear Creek Log Home Restoration Annual Maintenance Program. Please look over the specifications we offer and contact us as soon as possible to schedule your maintenance and get rid of your headaches!

Finally, take note of the fact that we offer a 5 year price lock for you to get all this done annually, if you commit to having it done for 5 years running. Of course, we don’t ask that you pay for any work up front, and if you sell the home, etc, you are not obligated to any other payments. Rather, this is just an incentive from us to you to help you simplify the maintenance on your home, and keep a working relationship with our best customers.

Thank you for your interest in having us take care of your cabin maintenance, and we look forward to serving you for years to come.

Rich Littlefield

Annual Maintenance Scope of Work

  • When we first arrive, we will identify plants and other areas such as water features that require extra care. With plants, we will saturate the plants and the ground nearby with water, which will keep the cleaning solutions we apply diluted to help prevent plant damage. Water features that are close to the house will be covered with plastic to avoid getting anything in the water.
  • First, if you don’t have gutter guards that keep water out of the gutter, we start with the gutter cleaning, so that later we can rinse any debris that may end up on the house during the gutter cleaning. We rinse the gutters out with water if there is a lot of “sludge”, and make sure the downspouts are draining properly. If they are not, we can “snake” them down to the ground to make sure they are working. If the blockage is in a drainage system underground, we recommend calling a plumber out to finish clearing the blockage.
  • Using a stain and environmentally friendly cleaning solution, we saturate all the exterior walls, decks, railings, lattice, etc. and low pressure wash to remove mold, mildew, dust, dirt and pollen. Removing these food sources for mold and mildew will greatly increase the length of time before they can grow on the surface. Vertical stains are particularly sensitive to high pressure washing, and many times, it’s possible to remove stain that doesn’t need to come off, due to the flexible nature of most log home stains.
  • Decks and railings really take a beating from the weather. It’s very common for stain to need reapplication every year or so for the first few years, to allow protection to “build up” inside the wood. We use higher pressure on decks and railings, because they always seem to need it.
  • Using the low pressure washing system, we wash the screens and windows. We will replace screens if the weather is warm or store them for you if we are heading into winter. If it’s been a while since you had the windows cleaned, we will scrub them with a truck washing brush while the house is being soaked, and then rinse them. The extra scrub, combined with our special rinsing agents in our cleaning solution, usually leaves them sparkling clean.

To take advantage of the 5 year Price Guarantee associated with this program, simply enroll in the East Ellijay maintenance program. We will provide the maintenance services on the anniversary month of your initial service, or work with you to find a better time within a few months of that date. By your commitment to having the service done regularly; we can lock in the maintenance price for 5 years.

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Our Ellijay Log Home Maintenance Contractors Provide These Detailed Services

  • Log Home Maintenance
  • Log Home Restoration
  • Maintaining Log Homes
  • Log House Maintenance
  • House Cleaning
  • Log Home Repairs
  • Log Cabin Maintenance
  • Chinking
  • Caulking
  • Log Replacements
  • Restoration Services

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