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Reviews and Testimonials for Bear Creek Log Home Restoration

Our home was built in 1978 and based on the conditions of the logs – basically no finish – considerable carpenter bee damage – and some wood pecker damage – it had not been cared for in many, many years. The thought of cleaning the logs using a pressure washer was way too daunting! And given that the logs had no caulk/seal between them, it would have been spraying as much water INSIDE as out! I reached out to a handful of log cabin maintenance/renovation companies and decided on Bear Creek Log Home Restoration. It was my comfort with the sales admin and the price was very competitive. In all aspects, I am very satisfied with the end result. The crews were super courteous and friendly, the central office response to the billing side was quick, responsive and as well – courteous. Our place was a real mess given we needed to “blast” the inside of the logs as well – the guys did a great job of cleaning up after the blasting was completed. We chose to use PermaChink products and our choice was confirmed by Rich and the crew – no question the PermaChink product line is a bit more tedious to apply, but all conquered that it was a great product. Our home will need a 2nd coat of the “top seal” early next summer – I’ll be contacting Bear Creek around that time to get their help.

- Clay Zirkle |

Bear Creek employees Robert and Randall just finished my home, excellent service and very professional. You guys will be my next call for any service/ maintenance we need. Thank you

- Greg C |

Please relay to Elijah how happy we are with the work y’all did. The cabin looks beautiful. The guys did a very thorough job, paying great attention to detail. I gladly eat my words about “lack of confidence”!!!

- Mike |

My house looks fabulous! I can’t even describe how wonderful it looks. Thank you guys so much!

- Kathy Beal |

Overall we were extremely happy with the work done. The most impressive part was how NICE EVERYONE was during this can see this comes from the leadership as Elijah showed this upon his first visit, and it trickles down. we work in the service industry for luxury resorts and see customer service every day...and this is the KEY ... and the service we received from everyone was exemplary...polite, nice, genuine and just a pleasure to be around. I don’t know much about construction, but when things were explained to me I never felt as though I was spoken to in a condescending was explained in basic terms so that I understood. The only constructive criticism I can give is that when there are multiple crews coming the communication could be improved upon as I would find myself explaining the same thing (water leak or deck leak) multiple times.

- Edorado Rossi |

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