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Dry Media Blasting

Dry Media Blasting

East Ellijay Dry Media Blasting completely removes 99% of the stain left on the building. Why would you want to do that?

First, applying one stain over another kind is a big no-no. Stain does not bond to another coating like paint does, so applying it over another stain leads to premature failure. Think months of lifespan, instead of years! Also, removing all the previous stain allows our stain to completely penetrate and fill up the wood pores, giving you a much longer lifespan from the stain we are applying.

Of course, it’s a completely dry process, so there is no chance of getting water inside while we do it. We recommend this process for homes that have a need of caulking or chinking, since we already know water infiltration during cleaning is quite likely.

Dry media blasting is also very environmentally friendly, as the dry stain is inert, and the media is non toxic and basically disappears on the ground. The media we use at Bear Creek Log Home Restoration is extremely fine, for a smoother finish, but also aggressive so that our log home restoration contractors can reduce time spent on the job and also reduce profiling or pitting, which is caused by using light weight media, like corn cob.

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Our Ellijay Dry Media Blasting Contractors Provide These Detailed Services

  • Log Home Cob Blasting
  • Dry Media Blasting
  • Log Home Restoration
  • Media Blasting Equipment
  • Blasting Service
  • Surface Blasting
  • Abrasive Blasting Media
  • Blasting Systems
  • Media Blasting
  • Media Blasting Cost
  • Media Blasting Prices
  • Removing Stain from Cabins

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