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Ellijay Log Wall Characteristics

Ellijay Log Wall Characteristics

Looking at all the beautiful full-color glossy photos of log home in magazines gives us an idealized vision of the perfect wooden house. Like a supermodel, we can’t imagine wrinkles and imperfections, but like any natural product, Ellijay log walls are full of traits that are an integral part of their character.

CHECKING: The new visitor to any log home is invariably struck by the cracks in the logs, sometimes stretching for several feet. Initially they might look alarming, but these cracks, or checks, are a natural process that occurs over the first few years when logs are still drying and reaching equilibrium with the environment. In no way do they weaken the integrity of your log wall.

When trees are cut down, there is naturally still some moisture left in the cells, especially when the tree is cut down live. These logs are called “green” and will settle many inches if used right away to build a house. Some manufacturers let their logs dry naturally.

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